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Califone Smart Document Cameras for the Classroom

Looking for a reliable, affordable document projector for your classroom? Califone Outlet has you covered! We carry a selection of Califone Diggiditto visual equipment that's loaded with exciting and innovative features. More importantly, our document cameras for classrooms come with incredibly low prices, so there's no need to break the bank to deliver an exceptional learning experience to your students.

With a smart document camera from Califone Outlet, you can deliver exceptional project-based learning to your students. The right document projector makes it easy to provide top-notch personalized instruction. From recording lessons as movies to allowing students to create presentations of their own, this equipment allows you to broaden your educational horizons in a big way. As an added bonus, Califone Diggiditto visual equipment is designed with space-challenged classrooms in mind, so you can easily find a place to store it when it's not being used.