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Two Major Policy Consortiums are Advising States on Meeting Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a consortium of 18 states. It's technology guidelines require headphones for English Language Arts/Literacy testing sessions. Smarter Balanced has been adopted in 27 states. Headphones must be made available to students for use during English Language Arts test & for students who require text-to-speech on the mathematics test. Audio serves as a critical component to support the speaking & listening portion of the English Language Arts anchor standards of the Common Core State Standards. As a provider of supplemental audiovisual products for education, Califone seeks to align it's offerings with these speaking and listening activities, and deliver high-quality, durable headphones & headsets that support the CCSS.

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Califone Common Core Kids and School Headphones

Nearly all 50 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards, or CCSS. These standards help all students gain the knowledge necessary to compete fairly at a college level upon high school graduation. Califone offers each classroom the audio tools necessary for Language Arts success. With childrens headphones, students can listen to an English sentence or story to complete the CCSS effectively. Although reading and writing are still a core component to Language Arts understanding, Califone headsets provide crisp sounds and reliable volume to make every student comfortable with the listening portion of the test. All Califone headphones have cushioned earpieces, which encourage comfort and concentration during all testing. Kids headphones must be durable for years of use. Califone school headphones construction is strong so school districts can save money on replacements. Ideally, they should last many semesters of extensive student body use. Browse through Califone's inventory selection today to find the best headphones for your classrooms.